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Lp. Model Nazwa pliku Uwagi
6. Cr adda1 c1g1 cr_adda1_c1g1 Adda
7. Cr alvin1 c1g1 cr_alvin1_c1g1 Alvin
8. Cr assas1 c1g1 cr_assas1_c1g1 Zabójca 1
9. Cr assas1 c2g2 cr_assas1_c2g2 Zabójca 2
10. Cr assas2 c1g1 cr_assas2_c1g1 Zabójca 3
11. Cr assas2 c2g2 cr_assas2_c2g2 Zabójca 4
12. Cr assas3 c1g1 cr_assas3_c1g1 Zabójca 5
13. Cr aunt1 c1g1 cr_aunt1_c1g1 Kobieta 1
14. Cr aunt1 c2g2 cr_aunt1_c2g2 Kobieta 2
15. Cr aunt1 c3g3 cr_aunt1_c3g3 Kobieta 3
16. Cr aunt1 c4g4 cr_aunt1_c4g4 Kobieta 4
17. Cr band2 c1g1 cr_band2_c1g1 Uliczny tancerz 1
18. Cr band2 c2g2 cr_band2_c2g2 Uliczny tancerz 2
19. Cr band2 c3g3 cr_band2_c3g3 Uliczny tancerz 3
20. Cr band6 c1g1 cr_band6_c1g1
21. Cr bard1 c1g1 cr_bard1_c1g1 Bard I
22. Cr bard1 c2g2 cr_bard1_c2g2 Bard II
23. Cr bard2 c1g1 cr_bard2_c1g1 Bard III
24. Cr bitch1 c1g1 cr_bitch1_c1g1 Prostytutka I
25. Cr bitch1 c2g2 cr_bitch1_c2g2 Prostytutka I A
26. Cr bitch2 c1g1 cr_bitch2_c1g1 Prostytutka II
27. Cr bitch2 c2g2 cr_bitch2_c2g2 Prostytutka II A
28. Cr boob2 c1g1 cr_boob2_c1g1 Kobieta I
29. Cr boob2 c2g2 cr_boob2_c2g2 Kobieta II
30. Cr boob2 c3g3 cr_boob2_c3g3 Kobieta III
31. Cr boob2 c4g4 cr_boob2_c4g4 Kobieta IV
32. Cr boob2 c5g5 cr_boob2_c5g5 Kobieta V
33. Cr citi1 c1g1 cr_citi1_c1g1 Mieszczanin I
34. Cr citi2 c1g1 cr_citi2_c1g1 Mieszczanin II
35. Cr citi3 c1g1 cr_citi3_c1g1 Mieszczanin III
36. Cr citi4 c1g1 cr_citi4_c1g1 Mieszczanin IV
37. Cr citi5 c1g1 cr_citi5_c1g1 Mieszczanin V
38. Cr citi6 c1g1 cr_citi6_c1g1 Mieszczanin VI
39. Cr exile1 c1g1 cr_exile1_c1g1
40. Cr exile1 c2g2 cr_exile1_c2g2
41. Cr exile3 c1g1 cr_exile3_c1g1
42. Cr exile4 c1g1 cr_exile4_c1g1
43. Cr exile5 c1g1 cr_exile5_c1g1
44. Cr exile5 c4g4 cr_exile5_c4g4
45. Cr exile7 c1g1 cr_exile7_c1g1
46. Cr exile8 c1g1 cr_exile8_c1g1
47. Cr fat1 c1g1 cr_fat1_c1g1 Grubas I
48. Cr fat1 c2g2 cr_fat1_c2g2 Grubas II
49. Cr fat1 c3g3 cr_fat1_c3g3 Grubas III
50. Cr fat1 c4g4 cr_fat1_c4g4 Grubas IV
51. Cr fat1 c5g5 cr_fat1_c5g5 Grubas V
52. Cr fat1 c6g6 cr_fat1_c6g6 Grubas VI
53. Cr fat1 c7g7 cr_fat1_c7g7 Grubas VII
54. Cr fat1 c8g8 cr_fat1_c8g8 Grubas VIII
Lp. Model Nazwa pliku Uwagi
55. Cr folt1 c1g1 cr_folt1_c1g1 Foltest
56. Cr grand1 c1g1 cr_grand1_c1g1 Stara kobieta I
57. Cr grand1 c2g2 cr_grand1_c2g2 Stara kobieta II
58. Cr guard1 c1g1 cr_guard1_c1g1 Strażnik I
59. Cr guard1 c2g2 cr_guard1_c2g2 Strażnik II
60. Cr guard1 c3g3 cr_guard1_c3g3 Strażnik III
61. Cr guard1 c4g4 cr_guard1_c4g4 Strażnik IV
62. Cr guard1 c5g5 cr_guard1_c5g5 Strażnik V
63. Cr guard2 c1g1 cr_guard2_c1g1 Strażnik VI
64. Cr guard2 c2g2 cr_guard2_c2g2 Strażnik VII
65. Cr jaskr1 c1g1 cr_jaskr1_c1g1 Jaskier
66. Cr kalks1 c1g1 cr_kalks1_c1g1 Kalkstein I
67. Cr kalks1 c2g2 cr_kalks1_c2g2 Kalkstein II
68. Cr knigh1 c1g1 cr_knigh1_c1g1 Rycerz I
69. Cr knigh1 c2g2 cr_knigh1_c2g2 Rycerz II
70. Cr knigh1 c3g3 cr_knigh1_c3g3 Rycerz III
71. Cr lead1 c1g1 cr_lead1_c1g1 Dowódca straży
72. Cr maggo1 c1g1 cr_maggo1_c1g1 Talar
73. Cr masta1 c1g1 cr_masta1_c1g1 Mistrz Zakonu
74. Cr naked1 c1g1 cr_naked1_c1g1 Triss naga
75. Cr naked2 c1g1 cr_naked2_c1g1 Shani naga
76. Cr naked5 c1g1 cr_naked5_c1g1 Adda naga
77. Cr noble1 c1g1 cr_noble1_c1g1 Szlachcic
78. Cr noble c2g2 cr_noble_c2g2 Szlachcic
79. Cr noble c3g3 cr_noble_c3g3 Szlachcic
80. Cr order2 c1g1 cr_order2_c1g1
81. Cr order4 c1g1 cr_order4_c1g1 Hrabia de Vett
82. Cr order4 c2g2 cr_order4_c2g2 Knecht Zakonu
83. Cr order5 c1g1 cr_order5_c1g1 Knecht Zakonu
84. Cr order6 c1g1 cr_order6_c1g1 Knecht Zakonu
85. Cr poor3 c1g1 cr_poor3_c1g1 Biedak I
86. Cr poor3 c2g2 cr_poor3_c2g2 Biedak II
87. Cr poor3 c3g3 cr_poor3_c3g3 Biedak III
88. Cr pries1 c1g1 cr_pries1_c1g1 Kapłanka I
89. Cr pries2 c1g1 cr_pries2_c1g1 Kapłan I
90. Cr pries2 c2g2 cr_pries2_c2g2 Kapłan II
91. Cr pries3 c1g1 cr_pries3_c1g1 Kapłanka II
92. Cr pries4 c1g1 cr_pries4_c1g1 Druid
93. Cr prof1 c1g1 cr_prof1_c1g1 Zabójca
94. Cr prof2 c1g1 cr_prof2_c1g1 Magister
95. Cr rayla1 c1g1 cr_rayla1_c1g1 Biała Rayla
96. Cr rayla2 c1g1 cr_rayla2_c1g1 Zmutowana Biała Rayla
97. Cr rienc1 c1g1 cr_rienc1_c1g1 Azar Jared
98. Cr rienc2 c1g1 cr_rienc2_c1g1 Raymond
99. Cr rienc2 c2g2 cr_rienc2_c2g2
100. Cr schani1 c1g1 cr_schani1_c1g1 Shani
101. Cr temer2 c1g1 cr_temer2_c1g1
102. Cr temer2 c2g2 cr_temer2_c2g2
103. Cr temer4 c2g2 cr_temer4_c2g2 Vincent Meis
Dowódca straży miejskiej
104. Cr temer4 c3g3 cr_temer4_c3g3
105. Cr thin1 c1g1 cr_thin1_c1g1 Kowal
106. Cr toruv1 c1g1 cr_toruv1_c1g1 Toruviel
107. Cr triss1 c1g1 cr_triss1_c1g1 Triss I
108. Cr triss2 c1g1 cr_triss2_c1g1 Triss II
Lp. Model Nazwa pliku Uwagi
109. Cr ubermensch cr_ubermensch
110. Cr urchi1 c1g1 cr_urchi1_c1g1 Chłopiec I
111. Cr urchi1 c2g2 cr_urchi1_c2g2 Chłopiec II
112. Cr urchi1 c3g3 cr_urchi1_c3g3 Chłopiec III
113. Cr urchi2 c1g1 cr_urchi2_c1g1 Dziewczynka I
114. Cr urchi3 c1g1 cr_urchi3_c1g1 Dziewczynka II
115. Cr vanes1 c1g1 cr_vanes1_c1g1 Vesna I
116. Cr vanes1 c2g2 cr_vanes1_c2g2 Vesna II
117. Cr vanes1 c3g3 cr_vanes1_c3g3 Vesna III
118. Cr vanes1 c4g4 cr_vanes1_c4g4 Vesna IV
119. Cr veler1 c1g1 cr_veler1_c1g1 Velerad
120. Cr venfa1 c1g1 cr_venfa1_c1g1 Kupiec I
121. Cr venfa1 c2g2 cr_venfa1_c2g2 Kupiec II
122. Cr venfa1 c3g3 cr_venfa1_c3g3 Kupiec III
123. Cr venth1 c1g1 cr_venth1_c1g1
124. Cr venth1 c2g2 cr_venth1_c2g2
125. Cr woman1 c1g1 cr_woman1_c1g1 Bogata kobieta I
126. Cr woman1 c2g2 cr_woman1_c2g2 Bogata kobieta II
127. Cr woman1 c3g3 cr_woman1_c3g3 Bogata kobieta III
128. Cr zygfr1 c1g1 cr_zygfr1_c1g1 Zygfryd I
129. Cr zygfr2 c1g1 cr_zygfr2_c1g1 Zygfryd II
130. Cr zygfr3 c1g1 cr_zygfr3_c1g1 Zygfryd III

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